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Cuccio and Cuccio is a general practice law firm serving New Jersey and New York.

The firm handles diverse legal matters for individuals, large and small businesses, professionals, estates, and municipalities, where competent and experienced legal representation is required.

The firm is recognized as a preeminent general practice law firm serving its clients in the metropolitan area.

Cuccio and Cuccio is committed to providing quality service to all of its clients, whether corporate or individual, in an efficient and timely manner. Our attorneys strive to avoid prolonged litigation and to achieve successful results through preparation, negotiation, innovation and hard work.

Our firm places a strong emphasis on communication with clients through in-person conferences, frequent telephone contact and documentation of all file activities sent to our clients.

Beyond its dedication to private clients, Cuccio and Cuccio has also pledged its support to the public and community as well. The firm has been formally recognized by the New Jersey Assembly as having provided "exemplary history of dedicated community service and leadership," and by the Supreme Court of New Jersey for "meritorious public service," for its service on District Ethics Committees.